Do or do not, there is no try!

We believe that in tech no idea is bad or stupid at least not until we have tried it.'s first products could be considered stupid or useless (which Ahhhhhh is honestly) but that didn't stop us from developing them and today they are a great success.

Ideally, we would like to be able to develop everything that comes to mind and what happens to these products once they are in front of the general public is what it is. In any case we will have no regrets. If the product is a flop at least it's out there and we don't have to worry about it anymore. If it's a success, that's extra revenue and advertising for

In any case we are a winner.

However, the products that we develop must respect the values that we hold dear. Our products must be:


Bring something new. Understand here that it is not a question of creating a time machine, but at least of offering originality and novelty to existing concepts, for example: a social network is a concept, Twitter is an implementation of this concept whose main idea is the writing of messages in less than 120 characters.


No user likes to have an ugly product in front of his or her eyes, which is why, in addition to offering products that work to the best of the performance offered by the technologies we use, we also offer an unparalleled visual experience thanks to our original designs.


Our products must not under any circumstances allow physical or moral harm to be done to an individual either by collecting more data than is necessary for the proper functioning of the product with or without his knowledge, or by allowing his personal information to be used by a third party with or without his knowledge. Ideally, our products should improve society as a whole.

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